Adopt QR authentication today for an easy and flexible biometric solution across all platforms.

Scan QR code on desktop with camera app on phone

Join 400+ companies bringing their authentication experience into the future with Keyri.

Next generation authentication that unifies customer ease of use with security

Superior UX

Superior user experience

Intuitive and fast login flow for a seamless authentication experience. Users scan the QR code with their phone’s camera app or your mobile app to instantly log in.


Public key cryptography and risk analytics provide bulletproof, phishing-resistant authentication. Eliminate account fraud and establish audit trails.



Extend the trust established through device fingerprinting and your users’ biometric credentials on their mobile devices to your web app.

Simple Integration

Easy integration

Packaged SDKs ready to integrate with your existing infrastructure. Connect them to the Keyri API to allow for scalable, flexible deployment.

Modular solution to enable a passwordless future

Keyri provides all the tools to get you where you need to go.
QR Login

QR login

Add QR login as an option on your web app to allow users to log in by simply scanning a QR code and passing biometrics in your mobile app.

Smart deeplinking

Smart deeplinking

Dynamic QR codes automatically log in existing app users and increase app downloads by sending those without your app to the app store for download.

Device Fingerprinting

Device fingerprinting

Persistent and accurate mobile and desktop device fingerprinting establishes trusted devices and enables you to precisely identify your users.

Risk Analytics

Risk analytics

Prevent MitM phishing attacks, including endpoint malware and DNS spoofing, with location intelligence, known attacker databases, and anonymous proxy detection.

Platform Biometrics

Platform biometrics (beta)

Many of your users have biometrics built into their computers. Let them log in with biometrics on any of their devices for a simple and secure form of login that doesn’t require any manual input.
Appless QR Login

Appless QR login (beta)

Don’t have an app but want to add QR login? Use Keyri’s appless QR login capabilities where users can scan a QR code and authenticate with biometrics in their mobile browser.

How does Keyri fit into your stack?

Keyri is an end-to-end encrypted relay layer for authentication requests
from your mobile to web apps.

Simple Login Flow - Keyri + Web App + Mobile App + Backend

Simple integration

Keyri’s SDKs and documentation get you up and running in hours.

QR auth doesn't get easier than this

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Compatible with any identity provider.

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