The Problem With Selling a “Security” Product

No one cares! That’s not true, but essentially no one cares. Bringing up user security in an organization is like walking into a sports bar and talking about statistics. It matters, probably far more than the basic arguments being made in the bar, but does anyone in that bar really want to hear about stats? No. There are, however, large analytics departments in sports just as there are large security departments in companies. I suppose you could sell a security product to a security team, but if your product touches other departments like ours does, they certainly won’t care.

Check the Box or Fix the Problem?

As an individual user, you might say, “well I care about security! I don’t want to be hacked.” Of course you don’t, but think about what you’re doing to make sure you aren’t hacked. Have you frozen your credit profiles with the bureaus so bad actors can’t take out new lines of credit in your name? Do you use a different password on every website? Do you have a password manager? Do you use the most secure 2FA methods when given the option? Probably not, but you check the basic boxes.

Companies are the same way. They care, but do they care enough to put every possible security measure in place? No, they just want to be on par with other companies. They want to check the box. Bottom line, is it really a big deal to a company if you get hacked? They could have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of other users. As long as users aren’t leaving by the masses, they don’t need to care and they can hide behind the idea that it’s your fault. They’re meeting industry security standards. Your account takeover is simply a small part of their cost of doing business.

That Doesn't Seem Fair

I don’t want companies to just check the box. I want to be protected, that’s a common feeling. I really shouldn’t have to do things like freeze my credit profiles. Companies should just have better security so I don’t need to worry about these things.

That’s just not going to happen though, certainly not when it comes to security. If you want to sell security, you need to appeal to companies in other ways.

What Do Companies Care About?

Companies care about one thing and it’s not security! They care about growth. They want more money in their pockets. Sure, they say they care about security and will implement new security measures, but only if they’re worried that less security will equate to less growth. Of course if all companies think like this, that’s really bad for security. That means that the bar remains incredibly low. If I don’t care about security and you, as my competitor, don’t care about security, then we’ll just match each other’s poor security.

How Do We Make Companies Care?

We’ve established that companies only care about growth so the solution to making them care about security is pretty simple. Our product improves customer experience and drives user engagement, which creates growth. The security is great, but we are ultimately helping them solve for more growth.

For a recent example, look no further than in-app login. You know what’s more secure than passwords? Biometrics that are already built into your phone. You know what’s easier than passwords? Biometrics that are already built into your phone. Do you want to increase user logins? Offer better UX and security to delight users. Biometrics do that. They’re passwordless. They’re great. That’s why you see many apps adopting sign in with FaceID/fingerprint biometrics – better login experience = more logins = more growth!

Companies Grow With Keyri

We’re a security company, of course, but we recognize that you can’t just have good security to win customers. You need to focus on growth. That’s why we’ve built features that help companies grow. If you follow us, you already know that our sign in with QR solution is the most secure desktop login option available (it’s unphishable!), but we’ve built multiple features to help companies drive growth as well.

Best-In-Class UX: We’ve already covered that biometrics offer the best security and UX. The problem is that biometrics don’t exist on all computers, so how do you bring that experience to all devices? Use Keyri QR code login. All you have to do is scan a QR code with your camera app, pass biometrics as if you’re logging into an app, and you’re logged in on desktop web.

Decision Engine to Send Users Where They Need to Go: Do your users already have your app? Great, they can login on desktop web using biometrics in your app. What if they don’t have your app? Scanning the QR code on desktop login will take them to the App Store / Google Play Store to download your app. Keyri’s smart deeplinking engine sends users where they need to go to delight users and drive companies to increase app downloads.

After all our learnings, how do we sell our product? We sell a better user experience that drives growth. We sell to people that want to drive more app downloads. They want fewer password resets and happier customers, because happy customers are sticky. We still let them know that we offer improved security, and of course that we’re passwordless, but we make sure that, first and foremost, they know we help them with growth.

Want to Add Growth at Login...

…and security? Touch base with us at Keyri! We started out as an enterprise product, but due to startup demand, we’ve created a self-serve platform as well. We help companies solve for their greatest asset – their customers. The customer journey starts at login, so if you want growth, you need the best login possible. As always, feel free to reach out to us at