Zero compromise authentication

Implement passwordless authentication utilizing biometrics across all platforms with just a few lines of code.

Mobile SDKs ready to deploy in your app

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Keyri’s mobile SDKs offer complete UI, secure cryptographic key generation, key storage, encryption, websocket communications, desktop session identification, session management, and QR scanning required to make a biometric authentication system work across web and mobile.

iOS, Android, React Native, and Flutter SDKs

Bringing biometrics to all platforms

Mobile auth is great, desktop auth should be too.

Mobile device biometrics have been ubiquitous for many years and computers are finally catching up. Nonetheless, biometric authentication on compatible computers is largely nonexistent. Bring web authentication into the 21st century with Webauthn-based biometric auth – your users will thank you.

No computer biometrics? No problem

Keyri QR sends your users where they need to go.

Keyri automatically detects computers that don’t have biometrics and populates QR codes on your webpage. Users simply scan the code with their mobile device and pass biometrics to log into your web app. Choose between sending them to your mobile webpage or your mobile app, but rest assured that they will be happy not dealing with 2FA texts, magic links, or authenticator codes.

Scan QR code on computer with phone to authenticate
Wire Transfer with QR

Use Keyri auth for login and subsequent events

Protect users at every step of their journey.

Authentication is important at all steps of the user journey. Leverage Keyri wherever you want to delight your users and stop bad actors. It can be a primary authentication method or a step up in high risk situations.

Risk analytics add an extra security layer

Digest in-depth device and location intelligence.

Simultaneous, non-invasive risk signals from web and mobile apps identify and prevent MitM attacks like never before, including devious ones like endpoint malware and DNS spoofing.


Security by design


Extreme phishing resistance

Phishing is a massive problem. You know it. We know it. Stop phishing today without sacrificing UX.
Device Fingerprinting

Proven device fingerprinting

Highly secure and accurate mobile application and web browser fingerprinting establishes trusted devices and helps you know who your users are to keep attackers out.