Finally, a replacement to tedious authenticator apps

No more 6-digit codes. Scan a QR code and log in with a single step with Keyri

The Keyri authenticator app is an ideal replacement for Google Authenticator. Forget 6-digit
codes, literally. Enter a Keyri supported website and scan a QR code - that's it!

1. Download the Keyri app and browser extension, if you haven't already.
Scan this code to
download the Keyri app
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2. Copy your Google Authenticator accounts into the Keyri app.
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attach app screenshots
3. Whenever you are prompted to add an authenticator code to a new website, scan the QR code with your camera app to add it to Keyri.
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demo screenshots
4. Scan a QR code with your camera app from the supported websites listed below. If a website isn't listed, enter the 6-digit code displayed in the Keyri app and reach out to Keyri to integrate its QR code browser extension into the website.

Website 1

Website 2

Website 3

5. Want to contribute directly to Keyri's browser extension by adding new sites directly and helping with bux fixes? Visit our opensource Github page. [<--- link to Github page]
6. Have your own idea for a QR code project? Fill out the form below to connect with Keyri for support on your idea.