Introducing Keyri Self-Service

Keyri Self Serve Platform Announcement

Today, we are excited to publicly announce the self-serve version of our QR authentication product. With this launch, developers behind companies of all sizes and backgrounds can now use the Keyri system to add a simple and secure form of passwordless authentication to their sign up, login, and transaction verification flows.

This marks a major milestone in our mission to reshape the customer journey for a digital first economy.

Keyri is an authentication company, providing customers with a simple and secure form of passwordless MFA via QR authentication. Our platform transforms every authentication event into a one-step biometrics-based process that provides a seamless user experience while strengthening account security. Users simply scan a QR code on a company’s verification page with their smartphone and pass biometrics in the company’s mobile app to authenticate into their web app.

This simplicity, coupled with our proprietary risk analytics engine, which is able to establish trusted cryptographic device fingerprints and determine other key risk factors including multi-device proximity, allows us to embed security by design and offer one of the most phishing resistant solutions in the market.

How Did We Get Here?

We have always been frustrated with user authentication. When mobile devices began allowing authentication into apps with biometrics, we were excited. This process was seamless and secure, but web app authentication remained painful. We couldn’t understand why the trust established on your mobile device couldn’t be applied to web apps, so we built a better way.

Our goal was to create an easy to develop whitelabel product that would enable companies to add a passwordless option for web apps or go full passwordless all together for every step of the user journey. We have come a long way since then with some major development milestones, including:

  • Launching a fully whitelabel experience so that your users never see Keyri’s involvement
  • Creation of mobile SDKs covering all major frameworks including native iOS and Android, React Native, and Flutter
  • Development of integrations with major CIAM providers including Ping Identity, Auth0, Firebase, Supabase, and Cognito to make Keyri implementation even faster
  • Refining our architecture and documentation based on the feedback from more than 1,000 developers through our early access program

What Can You Do With Keyri’s Self-Service Platform?

Sign up for a Keyri plan and get started for free whether you’re a single developer, scaling company, or enterprise. Keyri’s robust documentation and pre-built integrations enable you to get up and running quickly so that you can do anything from adding QR authentication as an option to your web app to going full passwordless on mobile and web. With the Keyri self-service platform, you can:

  • Get access to the Keyri QR API to get up and running in as little as a few hours
  • Customize risk parameters or leverage Keyri’s recommended settings to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, such as phishing
  • Create custom QR codes with your logo
  • Launch deeplinking quickly so that users that don’t already have app can scan a QR code to download it
  • Track activity with detailed authentication metrics and user logs
  • Demo Keyri’s QR authentication system using the Keyri app

Start Using Keyri Today

Sign up for Keyri here and download the Keyri app to try out a demo or watch our Youtube demo here. You can also get access to our documentation here.

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