Advanced fraud detection that stops bad actors in real-time

Stop fraud in minutes, starting with account opening, account takeovers, bot prevention, and promo abuse.

Mobile App Fingerprinting Dashboard Example

400+ companies use Keyri to stop fraud.
All with a few simple code snippets.

Simple setup with any mobile framework

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Keyri’s mobile SDKs offer secure cryptographic key generation, key storage, and encryption.

iOS, Android, React Native, and Flutter SDKs

Bad actors are relentless

That's why the Keyri SDK ensures 1 device = 1 user
Multiple Account Opening

Account opening fraud

Stop bad actors from creating multiple accounts and wreaking havoc with stolen identities.


Bot attacks

Keep bots away with emulator detection that ensures all activity is on real devices.

SMS Bombing

SMS bombing

Kill SMS attacks before they start by tying each user to one mobile device and one phone number.

Account Selling

Free trial / promo abuse

Disable multiple account creation for purposes of taking advantage of free trials, discounts, and referrals.

Persistent, accurate fingerprinting

Tie users to their devices with precision.

Keyri specializes in device fingerprinting, creating unique user identifiers that persist on the device with extreme accuracy. Mobile fingerprints are 100% accurate even when your app is uninstalled and reinstalled. Web fingerprints are 100% accurate on single browsers even when users clear their cookies and include strong cross-browser and private browser identification as well.

Anti-Fraud Dashboard

Track all user events in a single dashboard

Pick out fraudsters throughout the user journey.

From registration, to login, and subsequent verification events, visualize your users in one simple dashboard and ban bad actors for good. Keyri can be used to prevent multiple account creation fraud, account takeovers, bot prevention, promo abuse, and more.

Customize risk decisions based on fraud trends

Digest in-depth device and location intelligence.

Keyri’s custom risk dashboard lets you choose from a robust set of risk factors so that you can choose which behaviors to allow, warn, and deny. Customize your workflows to notify your users or require step-up authentication for events that may be fraudulent. Outright deny behaviors.

Keyri Fraud Dashboard Risk Management Screen