Stop sending SMS OTPs.
Let your users text you.

Redefine phone verification with Keyri EchoGuard

Verify Phone Number Screen

Reduce phone number verification costs, improve security, and increase successful verifications.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs

Companies charge as much as $0.10 per phone number verification. Cut costs by 40% – 90%+.


Improve security

SMS OTPs are susceptible to premium rate number fraud and phishing. Fight these attacks with extreme resistance.

Increase verifications

SMS OTPs have as little as an 80% successful delivery rate. Stop relying on OTPs to verify phone numbers.

Phone Number Verification Step One

1. User taps verify or scans QR code

No phone number input required.

Keyri EchoGuard phone number verification lets your users skip the step of manually inputting their phone number, a key source of drop-off in the user journey. Whether they are on web or mobile, Keyri offers a simple method to begin the verification process.

2. User sends the verification message

Message is pre-populated on device.

Let your user’s text you to verify their phone number. The relevant code is prepopulated on their messaging app, creating a simple user experience. Reduce the odds of fraud compared to other phone verification methods.

Phone Number Verification Step Two
Phone Number Verification Step Three

3. Phone number verified

User is automatically passed to next screen.

Phone number verification is complete with as few as two button taps, increasing security, and significantly reducing verification costs.

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