Keyri Now Integrates With Ping Identity’s DaVinci to Deliver a Unique Passwordless Customer Authentication Experience

Keyri = Ping Identity Integration

Keyri, the QR code-based passwordless authentication provider, announced a new integration with Ping Identity (NYSE: PING), the intelligent identity solution for the enterprise, leveraging PingOne DaVinci, a no-code identity orchestration service. The partnership will allow Ping Identity customers to transform their login experience into a one-step biometrics-based process, enabling a seamless user experience while strengthening account security.

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Introducing Keyri Self-Service

Keyri Self Serve Platform Announcement

Today, we are excited to publicly announce the self-serve version of our QR authentication product. With this launch, developers behind companies of all sizes and backgrounds can now use the Keyri system to add a simple and secure form of passwordless authentication to their sign up, login, and transaction verification flows.

This marks a major milestone in our mission to reshape the customer journey for a digital first economy.

Keyri is an authentication company, providing customers with a simple and secure form of passwordless MFA via QR authentication.

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