The QR Authentication Platform

Give your users a simple and secure login option. Keyri’s QR-based solution is easy to deploy and scales to millions of users as you grow

Enable sign in with QR
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Designed For

An intuitive and fast login UX allow users to benefit from a seamless authentication experience. They simply scan the QR code on their browser with their phone’s camera app or Keyri scanner in your mobile app to instantly log in

Ultra Secure Platform

Leverage public key cryptography to provide bullet proof, phishing-resistant authentication. Eliminate account takeovers and put your users’ minds at rest

Built For

Extend the trust established through your users’ biometric credentials on their mobile devices to desktop web

Easy to

Our Products

Keyri QR Scan

Add sign in with QR to your login page

Allow your users the option to login on desktop by scanning a QR code using their mobile devices. Our smart QR codes automatically login existing app users or redirect them to the app store to download your app

Proprietary login risk scoring

Identify and prevent all man-in-the-middle attacks including endpoint malware and DNS spoofing for an ultra secure authentication experience

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Get smart on auth

Our review of authentication technologies walks you through the mechanics and pros and cons of all major MFA methods, evaluating each holistically based on both ease of use and security